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Who We Are

PNS and Universities: a successful synergy working for you

Pharma Nuclear Services Ltd (PNS) is committed to providing high quality services in molecular imaging from establishing small in-house production sites to radiopharmaceuticals marketing authorization to industry and universities.

Since 1996, PNS expert teams have been successfully working closely with pharmaceutical companies and universities supporting, advising, and guiding to create synergies and maximize mutual expertise towards a common goal.


Our services are focused on radio-labeled compounds  ( such as  [18F] FDG compounds, 124Iodine for differentiated thyroid cancer studies, Rubidium-82 Chloride for cardiac PET Imaging, 131Iodine for internal radionuclide therapy in metastatic melanoma  or 11C , Ac 211 …etc) and include:

  • Project management,

  • Marketing authorization

  • Writing of clinical trial protocols according to strict GCP

  • Regulatory Affairs

  • Writing of radio safety dossier (for Nuclear Security Agency)

  • Setting up of GMP laboratories (even within an existing university hospital imaging platform, installation of various chemistry).  

PNS will assists you to maximize radiopharmaceutical production to meet cGMP as applicable to radioactive products preparing regulatory documents, supporting technical projects and conducting training sessions by our experts.

PNS offers expert consulting  in process validations and strict adherence to approval procedures in handling all steps of manufacturing, rather than relying on the final QC tests results alone.


Whatever the challenge, we have a customized and flexible solution for you.

Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Members of the permanent scientific committee


Pr. Denis Guilloteau 

  • Chairman of the scientific committee

  • Emeritus Professor, Tours University,

  • Former Head of University Professor and Hospital Practitioner

  • Former Director of “Brain and Imaging” (iBrain) of INSERM (National Institute for Health and Medical Research)

  • Co-founder of the CERRP public/private PET Centre (CERRP for Research Centre for Radiopharmaceuticals)


Prof. Patrick Paulus, MD

  • PhD in radiotherapy, PhD In Nuclear Medicine, PhD in Clinical Science,

  • Associate professor

  • Head of Nuclear Medicine Dprt , Centre Hospitalier Luxembourg, CHL


Pr. Maria-Joan Ribeiro

  • Nuclear Medicine Physician

  • Head of the Nuclear Medicine Department, Tours University Hospital, France


Rudi Verbruggen, PhD

  • Radiochemist

  • International R&D for Isotope Generator new Technologies

  • General director Nuclear Medicine Europe


Johnny Vercouillie, PhD

  • Radiochemist

  • Associate Professor, University of Tours, France

  • Co-director of TEP public/private “CERPP” (Research Centre  for Radiopharmaceuticals)


Pr. Mamadou Mbodj  

  • Nuclear Medicine Physician

  • Professor, UCAD University of Dakar, Senegal

  • Head of the Nuclear Medicine Department of University Hospital in Dakar, Senegal


Pr. Gilles Calais 

  • Physician specialized in radiotherapy

  • Head of the Radiotherapy Department, Tours University Hospital, France 


Prof Karim Mansour

  • Prof. of Medical Radiophysics

  • Constantine University, Algeria

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